Frequently Asked Questions
Where is the Maral Antler Farm located?
Our Maral Antler Farm "Siberia" is located in the Tulata village (Charyshsky district of Altai Krai, Russia). The product warehouse is located in Novosibirsk, Russia, from where we send you parcels.
Is the product natural/real?
Our products contain the highest concentration of Maral antlers and Maral blood that we have ever seen on the Russian market. We did not accidentally choose transparent capsules and containers for packaging. The reason is there are no any chemicals or fillers in our products. We are proud of the product compositions, so we write them in large letters.
What is the way to get Maral blood?
We take a small amount of donor blood from live Marals, so that the animals do not suffer. We take great care of our Marals all year round.
How soon will I feel the effect of taking Maral Antlers?
The effect of taking Maral Antlers is cumulative, this product will not give such an instant result as strong synthetic drugs. Though we have received a lot of enthusiastic reviews. Many buyers note a burst of strength and energy after taking it. Moreover, the product is natural and has no side effects.
The course of admission is 2 months. 3−4 courses per year are more than enough. Continuous intake is not recommended as it can lead to decreasing the expected effect.
What product is recommended in case of low hemoglobin?
Pantohematogen helps to increase hemoglobin. You can choose any form that you prefer: Dry Pantogematogen in capsules, Liquid Pantogematogen or Maral blood.
How quickly will the hemoglobin rise?
The effect of taking pantogematogen is cumulative. An active increase in the level of hemoglobin in the blood begins on the 20th day of taking the product.
What is the difference between Maral blood and Liquid Pantohematogen?
Liquid Pantohematogen contains sugar syrup, so it is easier and more pleasant to use. However, the concentration of the active substance in the Maral blood is higher than in Liquid Pantohematogen. Both products are equally effective. The only difference is the course of use duration. Liquid Pantogematogen should be taken longer than the Maral blood.
Can I take Maral Antler Velvet and Pantogematogen together?
Yes, you can. These products complement each other. Pantogematogen will increase hemoglobin and immunity, and Maral Antler Velvet will fill up the energy reserve and slow down the aging processes.
Is the product suitable for children?
Our product is a high-dose one, so we do not recommend it as suitable for children. We advise you to consult with a licensed doctor.