Powerful Honey with Antlers

Altai honey with pure Maral Antler Velvet for vital energy
Why are the Maral antlers in honey so useful?
Powerful Honey with Deer Antler Velvet is a complex of more than 300 essential bioactive substances contained in one product. The Maral antlers in honey are recommended as a restorative and tonic agent for men and women with symptoms of physical and mental fatigue.
Only selected honey from our apiary and Maral Antlers Velvet
Why do you need to take Powerful Honey?
Recommended indications:
  • Decrease in mental activity
    To recover memory, improve concentration and learning processes.
  • Heart pains
    To normalize cardiac and blood vessels function, eliminate spasms.
  • Pain in joints and muscle
    To eliminate pain in joints and muscles. The product contributes to the removal of swelling of the joints, it is effective in case of chondrosis of various origins.
  • Decrease in physical and sexual activity
    To restore physical strength, increase libido and energy potential.
  • Overweight
    To normalize metabolic processes in the body.

How does our product differ from others?
All our products are natural and environmentally friendly, without the addition of any chemicals. We breed and extract our raw material by using the most humane methods: deer antlers are simply cut off and then grow back again, just like human hair.
Highlands and unique Altai herbs create the conditions for the growth of the highest quality antlers in the world
Method of use: Take 1 teaspoon in the fasting state in the morning during one month.
Composition: 285 g – Altai honey, 15 g – Maral antlers.
Contraindications: hypersensitivity to product components, pregnancy and lactation. Take with care in case of acute hypertonia.
Net weight: 300 g
Storage conditions: Keep in closed pack at a room temperature. Do not expose to direct sunlight.
Storage term: 24 months. Manufacture date is indicated on the packing.
Certified product
ТУ 10.89.19-001-0194568385-2018
The product is not a medicine
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