We breed Marals (Siberian Red Deers) in Charyshsky district of Altai Krai, Russia. We also create products based on Maral Antler Velvet to maintain human health. The farm was founded in 1957. We have not only kept but have increased the experience in the field of the Maral breeding for the purposes of antlers processing. Our farm provides very comfortable environment for Marals as the area of the farm is one thousand of hectares with meadows and rivers making Marals feel at home.

We take great care of our Marals. The blood which we sell is taken only by a donating way in order not to do any harm to the animals. The product obtained is characterized by a high quality which has been appreciated by thousands of our buyers, we will be happy if you appreciate it too!

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We offer special wholesale prices for shops, hotels and health resorts.

We also sell substances for production of food additives: Maral dry blood and Maral antler velvet.