Dry Pantohematogen
(Maral blood)

Unique Altai superfood
Dry Pantohematogen is a Maral dried blood which increases the level of hemoglobin and improves immunity in a natural way. This product also significantly improves physical and mental performance, replenishes energy and vitality.
You may wonder:
How does our product differ from others?
Our product contains the highest concentration of Maral blood that we have ever met. A capsule literally contains only blood and nothing more. Achieving such a high concentration is very expensive, so most manufacturers provide very little content of dry blood. Since our regular customers visit our Maral farm, we can afford to make such a unique product.
Only 100% pure dried Maral blood in capsules without fillers, chemicals or binders
What are the reasons to buy?
We make our products without using any technological tricks
  • Concentration
    The highest concentration of active agents. Capsules contain only 100% pure dried Maral blood.
  • Equal to 10 hematogen bars
    High content of heme iron. One capsule is equal to 10 hematogen bars.
  • From the manufacturer
    We have our own Maral Antler farm and production facilities, therefore our product is of the highest quality.
  • Increases the level of hemoglobin
    Heme iron is very effective for increasing the level of hemoglobin in a natural way.
  • Donated blood
    We use the Maral blood obtained by a donating way only.
Suggested usage: Take one capsule twice a day during a meal (breakfast and lunch). Course of use: 1 month. The course may be repeated in a month, if necessary.
Composition: 100% Maral blood
Contraindications: pregnancy, breast-feeding, persons under 18, renal disease, hypercoagulability, hypersensitivity to product components. Not suitable for persons with high nervous irritability and acute hypertonia.
Presentation: The product is hermetically packed in gelatin capsule of 600 mg (60 capsules), each pack contains 36g of dry blood.
Storage conditions: Keep in the original closed packaging at a room temperature.
Storage term: 24 months. Manufacture date is indicated on the packing.
Certified product
ТУ 9219 — 001 — 194 568 385 — 2015
Declaration of Conformity registration number: ЕАЭС № RU Д-RU.НО12.B.12 355
The product is not a medicine
Maral blood contains various biological substances, enzymes, hormones, proteins, phosphatides, vitamins, mineral salts, which makes it extremely useful for human body. A separate section of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia is devoted to maral blood, which is used in case of impotence, weakness, pain in the lower back, nosebleeds, fractures, bites, pulmonary diseases, hemoptysis, fatigue, female diseases. Deer blood increases vitality, semen and blood, interrupts the rapid course of smallpox and the poisonous effects of drugs ... Men and women, old and young, who take blood until the end of life do not get sick and become long-lived
— Makushev, 1935
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