Shilajit with

A mixture of Altai Maral dry blood and natural Shilajit will support your body, give energy for recovery after high physical and mental stress. Maral blood increases hemoglobin level, and shilajit cleanses the body of toxins.
Shilajit with pantohematogen in capsules is easy to use
Product benefits
Shilajit formed in mountain crevices is a valuable natural product of a broad spectrum of action. It has a powerful biostimulating effect, enhances the recovery processes in damaged tissues, stimulates the immune system, and is used as an anti-inflammatory and antitoxic agent.

Pantohematogen is Maral dried blood which contains essential amino acids, peptides, lipids, a complex of macro- and microelements. It improves blood properties and stimulates the central nervous system. Pantohematogen replenishes energy and vitality, has a powerful regenerative and anti-aging effect. It significantly enhances immunity protection from viral diseases and colds.
How do we produce?
Our shilajit is from inaccessible caves of the Altai Mountains. The dry extract is obtained by water extraction of shilajit at low temperature, followed by filtration and drying. This technique for processing natural raw materials allows saving its healing properties and complying with hygiene standards. Natural shilajit has a bitter taste and a specific smell, so the product is presented in hard gelatin capsules for easy use.

To obtain pantohematogen, we take a small amount of maral donor blood and dry it using deep vacuum dehydration. We take blood once a year and take care of our deers every day.
Shilajit with pantogematogen of our production is a natural product without using any technological tricks
Suggested usage: Take 1 capsule a day during meals. Course of use: 20−30 days. The course can be repeated in 10 days, if necessary. Do not use alcohol during the course of taking shilajit.
Composition: 50% natural shilajit, 50% maral dry blood.
Contraindications: pregnancy, breast-feeding, persons under 18, hypersensitivity to product components. Not suitable for persons with high nervous irritability and acute hypertonia.
Presentation: The product is hermetically packed in hard gelatin capsule of 600 mg (60 capsules)
Storage conditions: Keep in a closed container in a dry, dark place at a temperature of no more than 25 °C.
Storage term: 24 months. Manufacture date is indicated on the packing.
Certified product
The product is not a medicine
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